Step by Step Hair Transplantation

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Step by Step Hair Transplantation

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This book is a comprehensive guide to hair transplantation for dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons. The text begins with an introduction to evaluation, workup and postoperative care, and anaesthesia and pain management. The next chapters guide clinicians step by step through direct hair transplantation, design, and reconstruction, followed by discussion on follicular unit excision (FUE), a technique using grafts. In addition to detailed coverage of hair transplantation on the scalp, the book also explores body hair transplants and eyebrow and eyelash transplantation, concluding with a chapter on setting up a hair transplant centre. The book is further enhanced by nearly 400 descriptive photographs, diagrams and tables. Key points Comprehensive, step by step guide to hair transplantation Includes discussion on follicular unit excision (FUE) and its complications Covers body hair and eyebrow/eyelash transplantation as well as scalp Features nearly 400 clinical photographs, diagrams and tables


Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Clinical Medicine, Transplantation, Transplant surgery, Hair

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